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The new Jos. Eschenbach Collection.

The strength of lightness: freedom and weightlessness are re-interpreted in the new Jos. Eschenbach collection. Weighty design comes across in a surprisingly light-hearted way and at the same time is striking in its style statement. An unmistakable feature of the current models: the striking, highly fashionably embossed temple. Its two-dimensional appearance is broken up by a fine grid structure which gives a delicate emphasis – both optically and haptically.

As light as a feather, bright and full of energy, but also powerful and emphasized: bold modern statements become surprisingly light and uncomplicated through essential richness, self-confidence, empowered lightness and energetic brightness. In a cool, modern, natural and lively way the new collection takes the liberty of playing on the keyboard of colours. An unmistakable signature look thus arises, which dips its clarity into the diversity of colourful moods and in this way makes a strong commitment to the highest quality standards in the latest fashion.

Titanium is and remains the pure partner for strength that at the same time ensures the comfortable weightlessness of the striking square and panto fronts in a flexible, hypoallergenic and very light way.

A collection that pours fashionable lightness into expressive, essential design.

Energetic Brightness

Two universal, classic models cast Jos. Eschenbach’s tradition of craftsmanship into a form weaving a fashionable strand into the future with its pure, striking silhouette and interplay of colours. Brilliant, bold colours and shades borrowed from nature develop tension with the straightforwardness of these expressive, striking forms. The clear design consciously does without the curved bridge.

Classic panto and a masculine interpretation of the square form celebrate modern colours which thanks to their transparency bring the design easily to life. Hues such as Eucalyptus, Chalk and Olive Branch, Anemone, Honey und Rose Quartz enliven the front and the inner sides of the temples. Two success materials complement each other: the puristic, transparent acetate fronts find their natural partner in the flexible, embossed beta titanium temples. The metallic tones of the striking, grid structured temples are special eye-catchers and a fashionable contrast. Discreet or bold? Energetic Brightness lives out bold colour design on a par with the times.

983021 men

983020 women

Essential Richness

Consistent reduction becomes the essence of glasses. Inimitably thin and super light: in the union of uncompromisingly traditional construction and colourful diversity these frames offer clarity and at the same time ample leeway for expression. The flexible beta-titanium bridge and the titanium temples keep the promise of lightness also in terms of wearing comfort. This design language tells the story of personalities: as unisex panto and in the men’s models with a clear edge. The models for him and her are also uncompromising in their colouring. Intensive natural colours oscillate puristically and energetically between shiny and matt.

The new nuances give freedom of choice. In addition to models with coloured fronts and metal temples there are frames which are colour statements cast in form, thanks to mono colouring: clear, pure, distinguished, uncompromising – one colour, one statement. Essentially light, clear in colour and form, uncompromising in comfort: glasses as a perfect match to the personality. More less is not possible – and perfect reduction becomes essential richness.

981082 unisex

981083 men

981084 unisex

981085 men

Self Confidence

Self-confidence becomes design: with self-confidence Jos. Eschenbach lifts its design philosophy up to a new level of evolution. Striking temples and lively colour highlights accentuate the classic look as a stylistic counterpoint. Nature meets the modern: a simple, lively pattern gives a shimmering appearance to the flat signature temples of embossed beta titanium. A simple rectangle multiplied diagonally becomes an exquisite optic and haptic experience.

The stylistic aha moments of the flexible temples find their counterpart in the neutral, super-cool front. This is milled from a featherweight titanium plate and makes its mark with straight edges. The colouring also plays on the keyboard of contrasts. The cool and modern models display themselves on the front in super-matt, discreet natural hues – whilst the fashionable colours on the inner sides set feminine and masculine contrasts which give a taste of fashionable boldness on the outer edges. Clear colour, clear edge, catchy design language: self-confidence wins.

981089 women

981086 women

981087 men

981088 men

Empowered Lightness

Two statement models that celebrate contrasts: as a striking, straightforward men’s square and a feminine soft square. The strongly accentuated front designs are eye-catchers with a concise and two-dimensional form – and then surprise with weightless lightness.

Deliberate statement: the optically massive dimensions of the titanium fronts. A strongly accentuated upper eyeline places emphasis. The lower eyeline takes a minimalistic low profile. Exciting contrast: the wide beta titanium temples, designed to the point, play with the highly fashionable, fine grid structure. The flexible, embossed temples are as usual absolutely functional and comfortable.

981091 women

981090 men


Jos. Eschenbach is among the winners of the 2020 German Brand Award in the category of excellence in brand strategy and creation brand communication for storytelling and content marketing. In addition to its brand competence, Jos. Eschenbach also shows absolute design competence. No less than two models of the Jos. Eschenbach collection were also awarded the 2020 German Design Award by council jury for their design.

The German Design Award winning model 981024 is presented in a classic oval form. The shapes display a striking design of the upper rims, which then amalgamate with simple, curved temples. The transfer of the early design into the present-day does without décor and lives solely from its form. The founder year 1913 is engraved on the high-quality titanium nose pads.

Model 918578, likewise a winner of the German Design Award, interprets authentic heritage design in a modern way. The panto shapes are redefined through the material combination of colourful acetate and titanium. The temple construction captures the reduced philosophy of the collection.