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The new Jos. Eschenbach collection

Characterised by lightness in design and material as well as excellent wearing comfort for urban city dwellers who make the world their office; in home office, in a café or surrounded by nature – the current Jos. Eschenbach collection shows itself ready for today’s pioneers – the “Digital Nomads”.

Strong-in-character shapes, filigree temples, haptic accents and clear lines as re-interpreted classics: the highlight models stand out with their unusual play of proportions and colours in perfect balance. A blend of high-quality materials in an exciting dialogue, gun tones in noble contrast to both discreet and bold colours.

The 2022 Spring/Summer collection promises aesthetic spectacle art for optimal work-life-balance – innovatively conceived, manufactured with craftsmanship!


More than a quotation of the original spectacle type and entirely in line with our founding father Josef “Jos” Eschenbach: the evolution of the partially applied Windsor ring. As a unisex model with soft panto shapes and as a striking square form. Four colours for ladies and gentlemen are stylishly confident in nuances of cool gun with black, blue or elegant grey or bolder compositions with soft red and pink. The flexible beta titanium temples guarantee the immanent Jos. Eschenbach comfort and with their acetate tips set a particular haptic and colourfully harmonious emphasis.

981068 unisex

981069 for men


A unique play of proportions and balanced contrasts forms the centrepiece of the JOS. Collection. In four models, two each for him and her respectively, filigree temples interact stylishly with fine geometric fronts of milled solid titanium. The colour ranges from discreetly classic to subtly modern. The feminine models display themselves in exciting two-tone ensembles such as gleaming mauve/rosé and gold, anthracite/ rosé gold or magenta/gold. Colour-coordinated acetate tips at the ends of the temples intensify the state-of-the-art look.

981062 for women

981063 for women

981064 for men

981065 for men


Puristic lightness in convincing lines. The clearly defined one-piece front is accentuated by the added cheek pads. Flexible temples of beta titanium promise perfect ergonomics despite dominant proportions. United in a unisex model as panto and in a square variation as an attractive masculine model. Pleasing colour combinations of fashionable gloss and casual galvanism in gold, gun and rosé gold perfect the design requirements.

981066 unisex

981067 for men


Jos. Eschenbach is among the winners of the 2020 German Brand Award in the category of excellence in brand strategy and creation brand communication for storytelling and content marketing. In addition to its brand competence, Jos. Eschenbach also shows absolute design competence. No less than two models of the Jos. Eschenbach collection were also awarded the 2020 German Design Award by council jury for their design.

The German Design Award winning model 981024 is presented in a classic oval form. The shapes display a striking design of the upper rims, which then amalgamate with simple, curved temples. The transfer of the early design into the present-day does without décor and lives solely from its form. The founder year 1913 is engraved on the high-quality titanium nose pads.

Model 918578, likewise a winner of the German Design Award, interprets authentic heritage design in a modern way. The panto shapes are redefined through the material combination of colourful acetate and titanium. The temple construction captures the reduced philosophy of the collection.