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The new Jos. Eschenbach collection

These new models are only lightweights when it comes to comfort! Jos. Eschenbach has opted for a signature look that is immediate and authentic, with light materials that make a weighty statement: the new collection is an intricate homage to tradition with a modern twist. From highlight models with half-moon Windsor rings to neopilot and panto shapes, from clear designs to extravagance, in pure titanium and cool acetate, these lightweight reimaginations of classic designs with a perfect fit are sure to bring more flexibility to your life.

Modern classics that make minimalism a luxury you can enjoy every day: the models in our Fall/Winter 2022/2023 collection are light as a feather, making them perfect partners, no matter which direction your life takes. The purist design brings out the very essence of these glasses, making them one with their wearer. From meetings to hikes in the fresh air, from workations to a day at your local café: these glasses bring life into focus, wherever you are. Unpretentious and functional, simple yet vivid, this collection makes a clear design statement.

Old values, new clarity: in keeping with founder Josef Eschenbach’s standard of high-quality craftsmanship, the Modern Classics in our latest collection are adaptable and sustainable companions for nature-loving city-dwellers, urban adventurers and digital nomads. We have taken our 100 years of experience to create models with a functional, casual flair that are some of the most lightweight glasses in the world.


Our signature model for women is a consistent continuation of our combo series and skilfully plays with Jos. Eschenbach’s signature style. And makes a clear design statement: the feminine neopilot shape with its Windsor upper rim is a true highlight that guarantees pure comfort, thanks to its lightweight titanium frame. A stylish tribute with a modern twist and three colour schemes that promise expressive looks: matte-transparent yet striking in sophisticated Mauve/ Gun, feminine in Rosé/Gold and graphic in Black/Green.

Tradition you can wear: and not just because titanium makes this men’s model exceptionally light! Available in three variants, this flat shape for men demonstrates how we can mould the zeitgeist: darkened Gun with matte Demi, highcontrast and graphic Matte Black paired with light Gun and Steel Grey with Gun help you focus, in the woods or in the city. Nuances that are here to stay in a model with perfectly balanced and modest proportions.

981070 unisex

981071 for men


Minimalism is the new standard: these four models are uncompromising companions and guarantee their wearers full autonomy thanks to their fashionable adaptability. The concept of glasses, broken down to pure function and diluted to create four fashion-forward core shapes – striking in their simplicity, lightweight and with a universal sense of style. Functional and reduced to a distinct design, these amazingly lightweight and wearable models set the stage for a vivid, colourful life.

Four models with a surprising inside-out colour scheme; a second glance reveals their play of colours, while the fronts speak a clear design language: Flat with a sporty touch, the one model for men offers a clear, modern look. The other model has a pure design that highlights the upper rim, taking new paths in vibrant colours. The women’s model is soft and feminine, with a discrete sense of extravagance that presents itself in flattering colours without stealing the show. Bursting with youth and colour, the round panto unisex model is a clear, modern statement piece for him and her.

981074 for women

981075 unisex

981072 for men

981073 for men


Whether you prefer a harmonious panto or a striking angular shape: these two models speak a clear language without being too loud. The glasses themselves take centre stage: this highquality acetate needs nothing but timeless gradients to create an essential, flowing, modern look. Two models that are as at home in the city as they are in the mountains, making the switch easily while setting style standards that are pure and simple. The titanium temples with their clear lines are a pleasure to touch and represent a functional counterpoint to the acetate. These two models for men will have their wearers feeling at home, no matter the fashion. Enjoy true value in reduction.

983018 unisex

983019 for men


Jos. Eschenbach is among the winners of the 2020 German Brand Award in the category of excellence in brand strategy and creation brand communication for storytelling and content marketing. In addition to its brand competence, Jos. Eschenbach also shows absolute design competence. No less than two models of the Jos. Eschenbach collection were also awarded the 2020 German Design Award by council jury for their design.

The German Design Award winning model 981024 is presented in a classic oval form. The shapes display a striking design of the upper rims, which then amalgamate with simple, curved temples. The transfer of the early design into the present-day does without décor and lives solely from its form. The founder year 1913 is engraved on the high-quality titanium nose pads.

Model 918578, likewise a winner of the German Design Award, interprets authentic heritage design in a modern way. The panto shapes are redefined through the material combination of colourful acetate and titanium. The temple construction captures the reduced philosophy of the collection.