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Surprisingly light: Self-confidence interpreted weightlessly

The new Jos. Eschenbach collection.

Clear and carefree, sovereignly diverse and unambiguous in the style statement at the same time: Jos. Eschenbach’s central theme is redefined with the “Self Confidence” models. In the current collection, a strong material comes in surprising lightness in the form that is so characteristic of the Jos. Eschenbach look. Freedom: this is the desire for lightness, for freedom of choice but also for leaving everything unnecessary aside. Precisely here at the interception of the usual feather-light design and precision-fitting wearing comfort a signature look arises which dispenses with everything unnecessary and thus makes straight-to the-point design statements.

Modern materials, relaxed colours with expressive eye-catchers, perfectly formed interpretations of panto and square: Surprisingly light is fit-for-the-future, sustainable vision and fashionable lifestyle – effortless and uncomplicated, everyday and perfect in form. Lightness has literally been written into the DNA of these high-precision models. Created from ultra-light, biocompatible and durable titanium, they embody everyday style partnership for people who appreciate and seek timeless, fashionable freedom. With the strong material of titanium, consistent design is not just a promise.

Self Confidence and Natural Basics: universal panto, striking square and harmoniously round forms likewise provide fashionable light-heartedness through their combination of strong presence, skilful play with proportions and a large range of skilfully presented quiet and accentuated trend tones. Coloured on the inside; on the outside wearable / unexcited / restrained: Jos. Eschenbach wearers don’t have to lay it on thick to be fashionable. For a straightforward look which relies on the experience and values of a 100-year tradition and the highest quality craftsmanship – and at the same time remains as valid tomorrow as its wearers are.

Natural Basics

The Natural Basics are by no means just reticent models: their dominant form on the upper eye rim and their colour-contrasting low rim profile break with the usual silhouettes and create a new basic theme. The traditional eye rim thus shifts and opens up for new broadness and lightness. The acetate temple tips envelop beta titanium temples which create optimal comfort, thanks to their flexible material and material-reducing embossing.

Both models also offer a great freedom of choice as unisex models: as a harmoniously round form and as a panto which, thanks to its striking contours on the upper rim, provides a formal counterbalance to the natural colouring of the glasses. The subtle two-tone colouring provides moments of surprise in this wearable classic; for contrasting tones do not just give the inner side of the front and temples a self-confident look, but also place the focus on the upper eye rim. Straight lines go hand in hand with a discreet two-tone colour scheme that runs through: these basics are long-lasting classics.

981081 unisex

981080 unisex

Self Confidence Titanium

Self-confidence cast into glasses form: the Self Confidence models sovereignly quote classic elements and embody weighty design as light-as-a-feather partners for everyday life. Both models get to the heart of the matter in design uniqueness: precisely machined from titanium plate, they easily create a clear heritage look with their balanced and at the same time precisely proportioned cheeks.

High-quality, separately attached hinge elements are connected to 5 mm wide, flexible temples made of beta titanium with acetate tips. Thanks to size-reducing embossing, the temples blend harmoniously into the overall appearance. The harmoniously soft square is a versatile unisex model for wearers who confidently focus on timelessness with a special twist. In the striking and clear men’s model, straightforwardness is the expression of an absolute classic. The clear design language finds its counterpart in subtle natural tones. Surprising contrasts on the inner side of the front and temples reveal vitality in intensive, mild and striking colours.

981076 for women

981077 for men

Self Confidence Titanium-Acetate

Confidently taking a stand for contrasts and drawing from the tension between different materials and colours: in the combination of titanium and acetate Jos. Eschenbach calmly unites straightforwardness and a fashionable statement. Compact and simple meets coolness: the front as a one piece titanium construction with separately attached cheeks dares to contrast with shiny, slightly translucent acetate temples. The lightness and clarity of the temples is given special elegance through a matt finish – here even warm colours stay cool.

Rich, restrained colours give the men’s model a harmonious look. Natural and clear on the outside and eye-catching on the inside: the sovereign casualness of the precisely milled square form is enhanced through the two-tone play on colours. Compelling too is the universal panto, which as a classic model also plays with feminine notes thanks to its colour variations on the inner side. For here, apart from cool, clear tones, the focus is also on warm nuances. What they all have in common: Self Confidence lives light-heartedly here in straightforward success forms and subdued colours for every occasion.

981078 unisex

981079 for men


Jos. Eschenbach is among the winners of the 2020 German Brand Award in the category of excellence in brand strategy and creation brand communication for storytelling and content marketing. In addition to its brand competence, Jos. Eschenbach also shows absolute design competence. No less than two models of the Jos. Eschenbach collection were also awarded the 2020 German Design Award by council jury for their design.

The German Design Award winning model 981024 is presented in a classic oval form. The shapes display a striking design of the upper rims, which then amalgamate with simple, curved temples. The transfer of the early design into the present-day does without décor and lives solely from its form. The founder year 1913 is engraved on the high-quality titanium nose pads.

Model 918578, likewise a winner of the German Design Award, interprets authentic heritage design in a modern way. The panto shapes are redefined through the material combination of colourful acetate and titanium. The temple construction captures the reduced philosophy of the collection.